TENNESSEE: Smoky Mountains Accommodations

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Accommodations at the Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend, Tennessee are included in the tour price. We'll handle the reservations, but if you want to learn more about where we’ll be staying, just click below and you can explore the property.

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With luxurious cabins, two restaurants, two general stores, and 36 acres of hiking trails, the DANCING BEAR LODGE provides the perfect home base for our Smoky Mountain retreat. Well removed from the highway (but with direct access to Townsend’s bike path), the Lodge provides a peaceful setting for post-ride recovery, whether that means an easy walk in the woods or a soak in the private hot tubs on the back porch of each cabin. The restaurants are also the best in town, with a café for lunch and a first-rate bistro for dinner, all conveniently located there on the property. Even without the amazing cycling we have lined up for the weekend, the modern amenities and gorgeous rural setting of the Dancing Bear Lodge would make it a vacation on its own!

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