How fit do I need to be to do one of your pre-designed tours?

That depends on the tour. The Itinerary section of each pre-designed tour provides links to detailed maps of each of the rides, including elevation profiles. We suggest looking closely at these maps as they will provide you the best indication of how challenging the tour will be.

That being said, we do have full SAG support on each ride, which allows for a number of different starting and stopping points for each ride. It also allows for the occasional lift up a steep climb. Our bike tours are designed to be vacations, not boot camps, so if the ride starts to wear you down, take advantage of the van to customize your ride to what feels best to you. It's your vacation, and we want our rides to be fun, not work. (You also have the option of renting an ELECTRIC-ASSIST BIKE from our friends at Electric Bike Specialists if you would prefer a little help on the climbs!)

Conversely, if you need more challenge than what we have scheduled on a ride, we are more than happy to add more miles to the ride, or even more days to the tour if that's what you'd like.

Please note that even our easiest tours require some level of fitness. We have designed our tours for road bikes, not cruisers, so putting in some training miles before a tour is highly recommended.