What's the difference between single & double occupancy?

Our pre-designed tour prices are based on double occupancy for each room, meaning we assumed that there would be two people in each room when we calculated the costs of accommodations for each person on the tour. If you'd like to have a room to yourself, you can pay a single occupancy fee to cover the other half of the room. (The fee varies depending on the cost of the accommodations.) If you're traveling alone but would like to avoid paying the single occupancy fee, let us know when you register that you'd be willing to have a roommate and we'll see if anyone else on the tour is looking to share a room. If we can’t find anyone despite your willingness to have a roommate, we'll split the single occupancy fee with you so that you only have to pay half of it.

What's included in the price of the bike tour?

Custom tours can be arranged to include as little or as much as you'd like.

Pre-designed tours with a set price include:

  • Accommodations at first-rate hotels & lodges
  • All meals at quality restaurants (from the time you arrive until the time you leave, with no pre-set menus)
  • Personal attention on guided rides (our tours are limited to only 8 riders, and unless otherwise noted we have two guides on each trip, one on the bike and one in the van, so no cue sheets are needed)
  • Full SAG support, unless otherwise noted, including bike maintenance, energy bars & sports drink
  • Lots of pictures! We always provide digital photo albums after each trip.

The majority of the price of the multi-day tours goes towards covering the cost of the accommodations and the meals. (As our previous guests will attest, we don't skimp in either department!) The rest of the fee covers van costs and staff expenses, including the logistical planning and pre-tour scouting trips. (All hotels, restaurants and bike routes are personally tested prior to the tours to ensure quality and safety.)

If you do not intend to travel with your bike, bike rental and shipping options are available for an extra fee.

A private room for single occupancy is also available for an extra fee .

The flight to the destination airport, alcoholic beverages, and sales tax on the price of the tour are not included in the price.

Do you charge sales tax?

Unfortunately yes. The State of Tennessee, where we are based, requires us to pay 9.25% sales tax on our tour services. The tax is not charged when you pay the deposit, but it will be added to the total sum when the balance is paid prior to the tour start.

Is a deposit required with registration?

Deposit amounts for custom tours are determined on an individual basis. Pre-designed tours require a $250 deposit with the balance being billed within 60 days of the start of the tour start.

What is your cancellation policy for bike tours?

If for any reason you must cancel your trip more than 60 days prior to the tour start date, you will be refunded your deposit minus a $50 administrative fee. If the cancellation occurs between 30 and 60 days prior to the start date, the fee is $250. There are no refunds for cancellations less than 30 days from the start of the tour. There are also no partial refunds for starting a tour late or leaving a trip early, or for inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control, such as a personal or medical emergency. We recommend purchasing travel insurance to account for unforeseen circumstances.

What about gratuity for the guides?

While there's certainly no obligation to tip, gratuities are gratefully received! The industry standard is around 5% of the trip cost.


    How many people are on each tour?

    Custom tours can be deisgned to have as few or as many guests as you'd like. Unless otherwise specified, each pre-designed bike tour has two guides and no more than eight guests, ensuring personalized attention from start to finish.

    Do you provide cue sheets?

    Because our groups are so small on our pre-designed tours (typically no more than eight guests), we have no trouble personally guiding the rides and therefore have no need for cue sheets. All of our pre-designed tours are "no-drop" rides and have full SAG support with the Velo View van during the ride.

    On multi-day tours, will we bike from hotel to hotel?

    Some of the rides on our pre-designed tours will take us from hotel to hotel with no need for van shuttling, but we often do provide shuttle service on one or both ends of a ride to avoid heavily trafficked roads (or just roads that are boring and no fun to ride). We try to limit the amount of time we have to spend in the van, but our goal is to provide a full bike vacation experience in a compact time frame so we tend to "trim the fat" from our routes to maximize your time on the bike with only the best roads and cycling experience.

    How fit do I need to be to do one of your pre-designed tours?

    That depends on the tour. The Itinerary section of each pre-designed tour provides links to detailed maps of each of the rides, including elevation profiles. We suggest looking closely at these maps as they will provide you the best indication of how challenging the tour will be.

    That being said, we do have full SAG support on each ride, which allows for a number of different starting and stopping points for each ride. It also allows for the occasional lift up a steep climb. Our bike tours are designed to be vacations, not boot camps, so if the ride starts to wear you down, take advantage of the van to customize your ride to what feels best to you. It's your vacation, and we want our rides to be fun, not work. (You also have the option of renting an ELECTRIC-ASSIST BIKE from our friends at Electric Bike Specialists if you would prefer a little help on the climbs!)

    Conversely, if you need more challenge than what we have scheduled on a ride, we are more than happy to add more miles to the ride, or even more days to the tour if that's what you'd like.

    Please note that even our easiest tours require some level of fitness. We have designed our tours for road bikes, not cruisers, so putting in some training miles before a tour is highly recommended.

    Are the tours appropriate for non-riders?

    While all of our tours are clearly designed for cyclists, the scenery and destination towns make for a fun trip for non-riding travel companions as well. In addition to sight-seeing, shopping and other standard tourist adventures, opportunities exist for spa treatments, golfing and more. With a little advance notice, we’d be happy to help plan and make reservations for some fun non-cycling activities for your traveling companion.

    How do I get from the airport to the hotel where the bike vacation starts?

    Most of the first-night hotels on our pre-designed bike tours are near major airports which makes it easy to take a shuttle or taxi ride. However, if you'll let us know your arrival time well in advance of the tour, we may be able to pick you up with our support vehicle.

    What if I drive to the tour start location? Where do I park?

    On our longer pre-designed tours, the first hotel we stay in is also the last hotel we stay in, so you can leave your vehicle in that hotel's parking lot for the duration of the tour.

    Do you offer travel insurance?

    We do not personally offer it, but we do recommend it, as it will reimburse you if you need to cancel your trip. It will also provide protection against lost luggage. A simple online search for "travel insurance" will produce a number of affordable options for you to choose from.


    Do I need to bring my own bike or can I rent one?

    Either way is fine. If you would like to ride your own bike on the tour but don't want to haul it in your car or carry it on a plane, you can have it shipped to one of our partner bike shops in our destination cities and we’ll have it assembled and waiting for you when you arrive. If you’d rather just rent a bike, let us know during the registration process and we’ll secure an appropriately-sized performance bike for your use. We can also rent you an ELECTRIC-ASSIST BIKE if you would prefer a little help on the climbs!

    How much does it cost to ship a bike to your partner bike shops?

    It depends on the origin and destination, but generally shipping costs between $60 and $100 each way using BikeFlights.com.

    How much does it cost to have a bike assembled and repacked?

    It depends on the bike shop, but typically our partner bike shops will assemble a bike shipped from your home town and pack it for you post-tour for somewhere between $100 and $150.

    How much does it cost to rent a bike?

    Rates fluctuate from season to season and from bike shop to bike shop, so please contact us for a firm price. (The going rate is typically between $60 and $100 per day.)


    Where do we eat on the multi-day bike tours?

    For custom tours, dining choices (and whether meals are included in the price) can be sorted out on an individual basis.

    For our pre-designed tours, the majority of our breakfasts will be at the hotel or lodge, with lunch and dinner at local restaurants that we have determined will provide the best food and atmosphere for our tour groups. We'll also have a variety of snacks in the support van for you to munch on at any time during the tour.

    Will there be pre-set menus or will I be able to order anything at each restaurant?

    On our pre-designed tours, we purposely selected restaurants with a wide variety of items on their menus so that our guests could have a wide range of meal choices. So no, we don't do pre-set menus. Order what you like and eat as much as you want. It's your vacation!

    What if I have special dietary restrictions?

    On our pre-designed tours, we've done our best in choosing restaurants to account for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free, so you should be able to find something at all of the restaurants on the tour that is tasty, filling and still meets your dietary requirements. We've also included a field in our registration form where you can note your dietary restrictions, which will help us ensure that you have what you need at each meal.

    What's the deal with alcoholic beverages?

    While we want to ensure that everyone on our tours gets enough to eat, we thought it prudent to not have an open bar on pre-designed tours. We're all for having a refreshing beer or glass of wine at the end of a ride, but we felt that how much and what kind of beverage you reward yourself with should remain a personal choice, and we have therefore excluded it from the tour price.